What Does the Harley-Davidson 1,000-Mile Service Include?

The key to keeping your bike running optimally throughout Lathrop is regularly scheduled service. Once you’ve hit the first milestone of 1,000 miles, you’re ready for recommended maintenance. You can always refer to your owner’s manual for specific check points of your make and model, but below we will list the standard services completed during Harley-Davidson 1,000-mile service. One of our Harley-Davidson mechanics will do a thorough inspection of all points on the Harley-Davidson 1,000-mile service checklist. If you’ve recently reached this mile mark, it’s time to schedule Harley-Davidson service here at Eagle's Nest Harley-Davidson near Stockton.

Replacing the Engine Oil & Filter

A major part of keeping your motorcycle purring smoothly is replacing the engine oil and filter. Engine oil is incredibly important to the health of your Harley-Davidson and should be inspected during routine maintenance. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reduces friction, acts as a coolant, traps debris, and catalyzes internal combustion. As you ride your bike, your engine oil will filter particles and relocate them to the oil filter. The condition of your engine oil can indicate potential or current issues. Talk to your Harley-Davidson mechanic about any alarming plastics or other items found in the filter.

Your engine oil should prevent corrosion and encourage optimal performance. The life-span of your engine depends on changing oil frequently. It’s paramount that engine oil health is a priority during your Harley-Davidson 1,000-mile servicing.

Harley-Davidson 1,000-Mile Service Checklist

In addition to replacing the engine oil and filter, there are many other important points a Harley-Davidson mechanic will check during your first 1,000-mile service interval:

  • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks
  • Inspect air cleaner and service as required
  • Check tire pressure and inspect tread
  • Check tightness of wheel spokes
  • Replace transmission lubricant
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Check primary chain adjustment
  • Inspect rear belt and sprockets and adjust belt
  • Check, adjust, and lube throttle, brake enrichers and clutch controls
  • Inspect and lube jiffy stand
  • Inspect fuel valve, lines, and fittings for leaks
  • Check brake fluid levels and condition
  • Inspect brake pads and discs for wear
  • Check spark plugs
  • Check operation of electrical equipment & switches
  • Check and adjust engine idle speed
  • Adjust steering head bearings
  • Inspect shock absorbers
  • Check tightness of critical fasteners
  • Road test

Contact Our Service Department at Eagle's Nest Harley-Davidson

If you’re ready to contact our service department for your Harley-Davidson 1,000 Mile Service interval, please don’t hesitate. Nothing will keep your Harley-Davidson bike running smoothly like care, attention, and proper maintenance. We know you’re proud to ride a Harley-Davidson in Manteca and Modesto, so stop in with any other questions concerning the health of your bike, and feel free to schedule a test ride of any new models that catch your eye.

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